RFS Team

The team at RFS has a diverse and accumulated set of expertise in areas of environment, energy, development, and training. The team also has sufficient experience in dealing with several donors and building long-term partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations that will guarantee the success of the projects it handles. The RFS team includes:

Permanent Staff
Omar Shoshan – Executive Director

Omar worked for multiple national and international organizations specialized in environment and media. He started his career with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) as the director of Azraq Wetland Reserve and then as the environmental policy manager. In 2015, Omar was elected to the board of directors of RSCN. Omar also worked for Bird Life Int’l, CEBF, and is currently the chairman of  Environmental Societies Union. Omar is also an experienced trainer and visiting lecturer at various universities. Omar holds a bachelor degree in business administration (Jordan University, 2005) and a Master’s in Digital Media (Jordanian Media Institute, 2016).Omar has training certificates in TOT in wetland management (Wageningen University, Netherlands), Strategic Communications (John Hopkins University, USA), Social Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility (Salford University, GB)

Maisam Otoum – Program Development Officer

Maisam started his career in civil engineering and highway design in the private sector in Jordan. He then moved to the United States to continue his studies in geophysics and follow a new career stream in the petroleum industry. He worked for ExxonMobil Corporation and Microseismic Inc. in the oil and shale-oil exploration teams in Houston, Texas for almost 4 years. He also has a long experience in volunteering with local and international NGO’s and in training. Maisam holds a bachelor degree in civil engineering (Jordan University of Science and Technology, 2009), and a Master’s in geophysics (University of Houston, 2011).


A group of excellent volunteers who come from different cultural and educational backgrounds and who are active in rural areas development initiatives. Our volunteers make the spirit of RFS and its source of inspiration.