Strategic Direction
  • Advocacy:
    At RFS, we believe that the primary role for civil society organizations is to support advocacy initiatives related to pressing issues in local communities to guarantee that their voice is resounding to the decision maker and eventually achieve societal justice. RFS is currently working towards raising the capacity of its staff in advocacy through well-structured and specialized training programs.
  • Economic Empowerment:
    We believe that civil society organizations must play a significant role in creating economic opportunities for individuals and families in rural areas as this has a great impact on the economic welfare and development support. RFS is continuously seeking business opportunities to rural areas as well as supporting existing small businesses to maintain their existence and market their products.
  • Environmental Protection:
    Environment is the backbone of rural areas and its most precious gems. From this, environment protection is on top of RFS’s priority list in order to do its part in protecting the environmental heritage and working towards establishing  laws that maintain this heritage or amending others that negatively impact it. The staff at RFS has a long accumulated experience in environment protection and is keen to add to this experience.
  • Capacity Building:
    RFS is constantly working towards self-improvement and financial sustainability to ensure its continuity. RFS is seeking financial sustainability through equipping its staff with high-level training expertise in order to provide training services and consultation to other local organizations which generates income. Furthermore, RFS is working as a strategic partner with the private sector to provide tourism related services in Al Azraq to generate income to support its programs.