RFS History

Rural Family Society (RFS) is a cooperative based in Al Azraq east of Amman that serves rural communities in different parts of Jordan through enhancing development opportunities in these areas in areas of environment, tourism, and youth empowerment. RFS was founded in 2010 to serve the local community in Al Azraq; one of the most marginalized areas with regards to development on the official and private levels. The founding board of RFS consists of 27 members mostly youth and of which 13 are women. The board of directors has 7 members.

Since 2010, RFS implemented a set of projects that supports economic growth for the local residents and helped put Al Azraq on the development map. The projects RFS implemented to date are:

  • Organic farming support project – funded by Australian Embassy
  • Azraq community socio-economic research study – Private Sector
  • Youth Participation in Local Environmental Development in the Eastern Desert - USAID 

RFS is currently working on grant opportunities from local and international donors to support the different environment, tourism, and renewable energy programs designed to fulfill the increasing demand for these fields in rural areas.