Goals & Values RFS Goals
  • Building the capacity of local community members via awareness and training programs.
  • Provide business opportunities for families through supporting tourism and handcrafts.
  • Encouraging sustainable agricultural activities in rural areas to fuel economic growth.
  • Supporting initiatives related to environment and sustainable development through designing and implementing environmental programs with interested entities.
  • Supporting refugee-hosting communities and find ways of experience transfer between refugees and their hosting community.
  • Provide consulting services to governmental and non-governmental entities related to human and natural resources management in rural areas such that the participation of the local community is guaranteed.

RFS Values
  • Honoring laws, regulations, and traditions of local communities
  • Transparency in programs implementation and the administration of the organization’s resources
  • Fairness in allocating opportunities for the local community members regardless of their sex, ethnicity, or religion.
  • Excellence, pioneership, and entrepreneurship in providing comprehensive services of measurable outcome.
  • Local community participation in the decision making process
  • Great sense of responsibility
  • Genuine desire for making a change